1 x HM-802 Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton

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1 x HM-802 Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton
1 x HM-802 Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton
  • Park on a horizontal surface.
  • Never use blocks on or under jack
  • Never jack up more than necessary
  • Use wheel chocks or blocks to fix other wheels
Product SKU: HM8021.5TON
Size (length*width*height): 46cm x 10cm x 10cm
Availability: Out Of Stock
254 Bought!
Price: RM60.00 RM40.00
  • Compact Jack
  • Easily Positioned Under Any Vehicle
  • Folding Handle For Easy Turning Of Lead Screw
  • 1.5 Tons Capacity
  • Compact And Light Weight For Ease Of Storage In Car Trunk Compartment
  • Portable And Easy To Use
  • Built For Extra Lifting
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame
  • High Quality Scissor Jack

1 x HM-802 Scissor Jack 1.5 Ton

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