WayWay Q4035 GPS Navigator (Free CleanZ Wet Wipes)

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WayWay Q4035 GPS Navigator (Free CleanZ Wet Wipes)
WayWay Q4035 GPS Navigator (Free CleanZ Wet Wipes)
  • 4.3” screen
  • Papago! S1 Navigation Software
  • Bluetooth + FM Transmitter
  • Voice command
  • Pre-loaded with 5 Southeast Asia maps
Size (length*width*height): 20cm x 5cm x 10cm
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Product details of WayWay Q4035 GPS Navigator (Free CleanZ Wet Wipes)

Never lose your way ever again with the WayWay Q4035 GPS Navigator. Running on the Papago! S1 navigation software, the Q4035 is a super easy to use navigator that will get you to your destination every time. Features such as junction view and lane assists are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Easy Navigation

Say goodbye to those hair-pulling and fist banging days where you will get lost in unfamiliar areas or roads. With the WayWay Q4035, navigating the roads is a piece of cake. Featuring a voice command option, all you need to do is just speak your destination to the device and it will automatically plan out the closest route for you. Can’t hear the directions to well? Just set your FM frequency to the same frequency as your Q4035 and you can hear all the voice commands through your car radio speakers. 

Feature Packed

Never miss that important turning at a junction anymore thanks to the Junction View and with the Lane Assist feature, you will always be prepared to keep on the right lane so that you won’t miss any important turnings and lanes. And for those who don’t like paying tolls, the Q4035 will recalculate your route to reach your destination without encountering any tolls on the way. 

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